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Where are illegal-immigrants coming from?

KEARNEY, Neb. (KGFW) - Why do we emphasize immigration enforcement on our southern border?

There's never shortage of rhetoric and opinion when immigration reform is mentioned.

We hear, "why don't we build a wall on our border with Canada?"

Are there statistics that warrant increased attention on our border with Mexico?

Where are illegal-immigrants coming from?

Here's the break down according to the Migration Policy Institute.


Mexico and Central America: about 7.9 million (71% of the overall unauthorized population)

Asia: about 1.5 million (13%)

South America: 673,000 (6%)

Europe, Canada, or Oceania: 432,000 (4%)

Africa: 353,000 (3%)

Caribbean: 232,000 (2%)

n. I misquoted the statistics today on KGFW's Talk of the Town. I said "27%" of illegal-immigrants are from Mexico. Twenty-seven is the percentage of all legal immigrants in the United States who are from Mexico. These individuals immigrated to the U.S. legally.

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