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Report Card: First 100 days

KEARNEY, Neb. (KGFW) - As is usually the case, our last topic of the day garners the most telephone calls.

Today, we graded President Donald Trump on five areas: Immigration; Health Care; National Security; Taxes; and the Economy.

With all phone lines lit up and 60 seconds to go in the program we had to leave some callers on the line.

There are a few "Trump Trackers" out there on the internet. Here's the tracker I was reading from today on TOT.

We'll post this on our facebook page. Leave a comment there with your grades.

Here are our report cards:


Immigration: A
Health Care: D
National Security: B
Taxes: Pass
Economics: B
Overall grade: C

n. It's always difficult to "grade" someone literally 7% into their job (100/1460 days) but he did bring it on himself when he touted all the changes he would make in the first 100 days which is what brings us to this conversation.

I give Pres. Trump an "A" in Immigration. While I don't agree we need a physical wall built, nor do I agree with the rhetoric of slowing or stopping the flow of people. I do agree that the process as it stands now is severely broken.

Trump gets an "A" because while his executive orders have been blocked so far, I believe in the little talked about reason they were signed. They are not indefinite suspensions, they are time based to allow the government time to evaluate the vetting process and bring that up to speed.

Secondly, I do like how he is starting to enforce existing laws.

Do I agree with the existing laws? Maybe not, but that is a DIFFERENT conversation for a different day...the laws are here now and if you cannot follow them as they are written then you deserve to be deported. I agree with Andrew that I think he should start with criminals (specifically violent ones) and allow everyone else the opportunity to become legal before ICE comes for you.

I give Pres. Trump a "D" in Healthcare and this was the easiest grade I had out of the five.

Pres. Trump touted himself as "the dealmaker, the closer, the guy that GETS THINGS DONE". Combine that with the GOP having over five years of planning and preparing for this day and the opportunity to change healthcare.

The first attempt failed, and failed badly. Not only did it frustrate the President but it brought to light DEEP divisions within the GOP.

Many will say "well that's not Trump's fault you can't lay that blame on him" I disagree. Pres. Trump took over the Republican party. He did tout himself as the deal maker. The fact that this bill even appeared in the first 100 days speaks volumes, at least to me, at how he first approached his presidency. Its a LOT harder of a job then I believe he thought initially.

Can he get healthcare reform done? Yes I believe he can. But as it stands right now, he has had a less then stellar showing in healthcare.

I give President Trump a "B" in national security. I like his shows of force. I like the decisive action he has taken. I wish he would consult with NATO and his other allies a little more but that's a trade off I'm willing to take.

He avoids an "A" for one reason in my mind. He is a loose cannon. Public perception is important when it concerns national security. Right now there is more worry about an escalation of incidents with both Russian and North Korea then I can remember.

Taxes I give him a pass. Nothing has been done either for or against. I believe its unfair to judge him on that until we see something solid.

Brings me to my final grade, I give Pres. Trump a "B" in Economics.

Its undeniable that the almost historic leap in the stock market recently was based solely on Pres. Trump being elected.

He has opened trade with China more, made what I believe is a good move by pulling out of the TPP. I dont agree with the WAY he handled NAFTA but it was an agreement that needed to be re-evaluated and I can live with it. Mexico threatened a trade war with the US over beef and corn but so far that has not materialized.

I give him a "B" because THIS IS HIS BREAD AND BUTTER. He is a business man. He has been so busy trying to be Cmd in Chief, renovating Health Care, playing politician and a number of other things. I simply think he should slow down, attack what he knows best: business and economy.

The things he has done in the arena I think have the potential to make real change (for better or worse is yet to be seen but thats the nature of business...risk). He needs some Win's and this is the area I think he could get them in.


Immigration: B
Health Care: B
National Security: A
Taxes: Pass
Economics: Pass
Overall grade: B

n. I gave President Trump B's on Immigration and Health Care because he has gotten the ball rolling. Border security is tighter; moral among immigration officials is up; and funding for the wall is being hashed out. However, I would like to see immigration focus on finding and deporting the most violent illegal immigrants before utilizing resources deporting anyone who isn't violent.

The President has signed executive orders rescinding Obamacare insurance mandates and penalties. Congressional leaders are actively working on a repeal and replace bill. I would have liked to see a full repeal of Obamacare in the first 100 days. Democrats have no reason to negotiate in good faith on meaningful healthcare reform with Obamacare still the law of the land.

Trump gets a pass on Taxes and Economics because Congress is presently working on the budget.

As far as national security goes, I think 60 tomahawk missiles and a MOAB sent a clear message to our adversaries and allies.

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