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    Man Charged After Suspicious Bags Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

    Ryan Catalani/@magicofpi/Twitter(BOSTON) -- A man was charged Tuesday with possession of a hoax device, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace after two suspicious bags were found near the finish line of the Boston Marathon amid stepped-up security on the anniversary of the bombings that shook the city a year ago.

    The device the suspect -- identified as Kayvon Edson -- had was a rice cooker, not an actual explosive device, police said.

    The two suspicious bags -- only one of which police say they believe the man dropped -- were both exploded Tuesday evening after the suspect had been detained for questioning.

    "With the marathon coming, we are taking it serious," Boston Police Officer Randall Halstead said. "Our officers are trained in looking for any kind of suspicious activity, and when it is brought to their attention or they notice it, which was in this case, they act upon it."

    The race takes place on April 21, but Tuesday was a day of remembrance in Boston, a year after bombings at the finish line killed three and injured 264.

    Police said the bags were left in the area of Boylston St. and Exeter St., and the road was closed. Both bags were exploded by Boston Police as a precaution.

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    Jewish Center Shooting Suspect Was Pen Pals with Would-Be Bomber

    A postcard Frazier Glenn Miller sent Kevin Harpham in 2011. (Credit: U.S. Attorneys Office)(OVERLAND PARK, Mo.) -- The former KKK leader accused of murdering three people at two Jewish centers in Kansas was pen pals with Kevin Harpham, the man who plotted to bomb the MLK Day parade in Spokane, Wash., in 2011, the government says.

    ABC News acquired from prosecutors copies of the postcards and letters they allegedly exchanged in March and April of that year, shortly after Harpham was jailed.

    Frazier Glenn Miller, currently facing murder charges, encouraged Harpham to “stay strong,” and offered to help set up a legal defense fund for the convict, who later admitted to planting a backpack bomb along the parade route.

    Miller appeared to believe Harpham was innocent.

    “The vast majority agrees with me that you’ve been set up/framed,” Miller said in one letter.

    “Your dad appeared on the TV and stated that you were living with him and caring for him during the time the crime was allegedly taking place.”

    Harpham responded to Miller, thanking him for the support. He declined the legal help, referring to advice he had gotten from Alex Linder, founder of the anti-Semitic, white supremacist website Vanguard News Network.

    “Alex Linder once said it is best to just take the public defender and not waste personal money on a trial and that is what I’m doing,” Harpham wrote.

    At one point, Harpham wrote that he might need Miller to house-sit. He also complained about the jail’s “hard bed, limited clothing and blankets to keep warm.”

    Harpham wrote that he had more to say but couldn’t put it in writing.

    Miller, who appeared in court Tuesday and is being held on a $10 million bond, had other friends behind bars. He kept in touch with Joseph Paul Franklin, who was executed in Missouri last November, and Craig Cobb, a white supremacist serving time in North Dakota.

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    Suspicious Bags Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

    Ryan Catalani/@magicofpi/Twitter(BOSTON) -- On the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and injured 264 people, law enforcement officials in the city were not taking any chances. The Boston Police bomb squad was dispatched to the area near the marathon finish line to investigate and detonate two unattended backpacks.

    As a precaution, Boston Police established a perimeter around the questionable items left in the area of Boylston Street and Exeter Street while the bomb squad investigates. Authorities asked pedestrians and drivers in tweeted safety alerts Tuesday to "avoid the area in and around the Boston Marathon Finish Line."

    Police say the man they believe dropped at least one of the bags, identified as Kayvon Edson, has been detained and charged for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device. Edson had been seen in the area earlier Tuesday shouting, "Boston strong," while wearing a black veil, dark makeup and no shoes.

    There was no indication that either of the bags were dangerous, but the bomb squad detonated the items to be safe. Police confirmed that Edson's bag contained a rice cooker, thus the hoax device possession charge.

    Similar measures were taken Tuesday morning when the bomb squad was sent to an area near South Station to investigate a suspicious item that they later detonated. 

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    Former KKK Member Says Jewish Center Shooting Suspect Went 'Insane'

    Johnson County Police Dept(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) -- A leading white nationalist says the accused gunman in the Jewish center shootings in Kansas was a raging alcoholic who long ago lost ties with his own pro-white community.

    "I think Glenn had gone insane, completely insane in recent years,” Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan member and the founder of Stormfront, the “White Pride World Wide” website, told ABC News. "Probably because of the alcohol. But whatever it was, he did us a lot of damage this weekend.

    "He killed Christians. The whole thing was completely insane. His brain has rotted,” Black added.

    Glenn Frazier Miller, a former KKK leader, allegedly killed three people Sunday when he opened fire at two Jewish community centers in Kansas. The charging documents used the last name of Miller, but he was addressed as "Mr. Cross" by the judge at a hearing Tuesday. Cross is an alias used by the suspect. Bond was set at $10 million.

    Miller was charged earlier Tuesday with one count of capital murder and a second count of premeditated first-degree murder. The capital murder charge makes him eligible for the death penalty.

    Miller's lawyer did not return a call for comment.

    Despite his reported allegiance to another anti-Semitic website, Vanguard News Network, Miller had been shunned by the white nationalism community for years, Black said.

    He and Miller had a falling-out after Miller testified against fellow KKK members as part of a plea bargain in 1988, Black said.

    "It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, people don’t like rats,” Black said. "He’d been a government informant testifying against personal friends of mine. He came back years later and expected to be accepted back in our circles.”

    But there were other reasons Black -- who said he never allowed Miller to post on his website’s forum -- said the accused killer wasn’t welcome.

    “He had a history of too much alcohol, being a blowhard generally,” Black said.

    Black, 60, said he was shocked to learn Miller is the suspect in the shootings.

    “I would not have anticipated his doing that,” he said. "I thought he was most mostly talk.”

    Commenters on Vanguard News Network, where Miller reportedly posted under the username “Rounder,” were equally surprised.

    "This is really out of character, the randomness of it,” a user named “313Chris” wrote. “Just doesn’t read like something he would do.”

    Others rallied to support Miller, whose is accused of killing a 14-year-old boy and two adults in the shooting.

    “Glenn Miller has more guts and courage in his little finger than these keyboard warriors have in their entire body,” a user named “SA Mann” wrote.

    Sinister comments proved some of Miller’s peers approved of the bloodshed.

    “He needed to go on a more crowded day,” senior member “Dan Hadaway” wrote. “It didn’t sound like it was too well thought out.”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, a watchdog for hate crimes, calls Black’s Stormfront “the first major hate site on the Internet.”

    The group has urged authorities to read forums on sites like Stormfront and Vanguard News Network.

    “It’s not like we don’t know where this type of hatred and violence is bred,” said Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center in an interview with ABC News. “These forums have to be watched very carefully within whatever the legal bounds are. This is where these people live. This is where our domestic terrorism is coming from.”

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    President Obama Issues Statement on Boston Bombing Anniversary

    Pete Souza / The White House(WASHINGTON) -- Dignitaries and families of victims gathered in Boston on Tuesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

    President Obama marked the occasion with a moment of silence in the Oval Office and issued the following written statement:

    A year ago, tragedy struck at the 117th Boston Marathon.  Four innocent people were killed that week, and hundreds more were wounded.  Today, we remember Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier.  And we send our thoughts and prayers to those still struggling to recover.

    We also know that the most vivid images from that day were not of smoke and chaos, but of compassion, kindness and strength: A man in a cowboy hat helping a wounded stranger out of harm’s way; runners embracing loved ones, and each other; an EMT carrying a spectator to safety.  Today, we recognize the incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.  And we offer our deepest gratitude to the courageous firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, runners and spectators who, in an instant, displayed the spirit Boston was built on – perseverance, freedom and love.

    One year later, we also stand in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire us – learning to stand, walk, dance and run again.  With each new step our country is moved by the resilience of a community and a city.  And when the sun rises over Boylston Street next Monday – Patriot’s Day – hundreds of thousands will come together to show the world the meaning of Boston Strong as a city chooses to run again.

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    Inflation Still Low but Many Prices Climbed Anyway in March

    moodboard/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- After the brutal winter weather of January and February, people who use oil to heat their homes saw costs fall a bit in March along with dropping prices at the pump. However, other homeowners weren't so lucky as the price of natural gas and electricity were higher than during the comparable period in 2013.

    Meanwhile, the persistent drought in the West also drove up costs of meat, produce and dairy at the supermarket. Renters were also hit harder in March as were people who tried to escape winter by vacationing in a nicer climate. High demand also pushed up hotel room prices.

    Nevertheless, inflation remains at about 1.5 percent, a half-percent lower than what's acceptable to the government.

    While most people can deal with this inflation rate, it's those who live from paycheck-to-paycheck who were most affected by the various higher prices in March.

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    Ten Most Awful Jobs for 2014 Revealed

    Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Lumberjacks aren’t cutting it.

    That’s according to, which says being a tree-feller is the absolute worst, most going-nowhere job of any in the U.S. It’s also dangerous and underpaid.

    The site’s annual ranking of 200 different vocations across North America was released on Wednesday.

    CareerCast’s publisher, Tony Lee, tells ABC News the next-worst job after lumberjack is being a reporter. Other loathsome vocations among the 10-worst include prison guard, military personnel, broadcaster, garbage collector, firefighter and taxi-driver.

    Coming in at sixth-worst, “head cook” is a category new to the list this year, says Lee. He explains it does not refer to chefs (celebrity or otherwise), but to hourly workers “at Denny’s or your high school cafeteria.”

    Each vocation on the 10-worst list includes the job’s median annual salary, its projected growth between now and 2022, and a brief blurb explaining why it earned itself a circle in Career Hell.

    Some bad jobs, Lee says, are crucial to society. The reason they rank among CareerCast’s worst is because they expose workers to extraordinary stress or physical risk. He includes, for example, fire-fighters (ninth-worst).

    “Broadcaster” ranks fifth-worst. The broadcast industry, says Lee, has seen its job growth “evaporate,” meaning there are fewer opportunities for young, aspiring broadcasters. Competition is high; so is stress.

    With the U.S. prison population exploding, you might think “corrections officer” would be a promising career. It’s not, says Lee, owing to the ongoing privatization of prisons.

    “They’re not well paid,” he says of corrections officers, whose median salary CareerCast gives as a little under $40,000. “There aren’t a lot of opportunities. In terms of danger, it’s a pretty tough.”

    As far as the best job in the country: Mathematician, says Lee.

    A complete explanation of CareerCast’s methodology can be found on its website. To see the entire list, click here.

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    Coke's Soda Sales Flat in First Quarter

    LouieBaxter/iStock Editorial/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Could it be time for another New Coke?

    Although the 1985 attempt at introducing a new, improved Coca-Cola fizzled, the soft-drink giant may now be wondering if it's time to shake things up again with overall global sales of its carbonated beverage line falling by 1 percent during the first three months of 2014.

    It marks the first decline in worldwide sales of carbonated sodas in 15 years for Coke.

    One of the low spots for the company was in Great Britain with sales down by more than 10 percent compared to last year.

    However, it might not have been people in the U.K. losing their taste for the beverage as much as it was the bottle getting smaller with prices staying the same, according to the BBC.

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    Are These Four Companies Really the Best Places to Work?

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Where are the best places to work in the U.S.? There's no lack of lists claiming to answer this question. Earlier Tuesday, Business Insider released its list of the 50 best places to work. It has little in common with Fortune's annual list of 100 best companies, released in January.

    The lists have very few similarities and different methodologies. Fortune utilizes company surveys collected by the Great Place to Work Institute. Business Insider's methodology ranked companies in the Fortune 500 using PayScale's salary and survey database, looking at six criteria factors: high job satisfaction, low job stress, high work-schedule flexibility, high job meaning, experienced median pay, and salary delta.

    Meanwhile, Outside Magazine compiled its own list of 100 best places to work with the help of the Outdoor Industry Association, a trade group, and the Best Companies Group. For that list, companies with at least 15 employees in the U.S. filled out confidential employee satisfaction surveys about benefits, compensation, job satisfaction, environmental initiatives and community outreach. Companies in Outside Magazine's list are smaller and tend to lean toward employees with a penchant for the outdoors.

    Here are the four firms that show up in more than one of the three lists:

    Google, Inc.
    Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.

    Tech giant Google has repeatedly appeared at the top of Fortune's list, but was only number eight in Business Insider's rankings.

    Though Google has dropped from the number-two spot last year, Business Insider noted employees' high rates of work-schedule flexibility (83 percent) and job satisfaction (81 percent), and median pay is $127,000 after five years, which is "very high compared to industry peers."

    Headquarters: San Diego, Calif.

    Semiconductor company Qualcomm was 32nd in Fortune's list but 13th in Business Insider's.

    Business Insider pointed out that Qualcomm employees report "high rates of work-schedule flexibility (93 percent) and job satisfaction (80 percent)," while median pay is $113,000 after five years, which is "very high compared to industry peers."

    Headquarters: Sunnyvale, Calif.

    Data and cloud storage company NetApp ranked 33rd in Fortune's list and 16th in Business Insider's.

    Fortune wrote, "Employees at this data-management and -protection company enjoy five paid days off a year to volunteer within their community."

    Chesapeake Energy
    Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Okla.

    Chesapeake Energy, which calls itself the second-largest producer of natural gas and the 10th-largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids in the U.S., came in at 51 in Fortune's list and 75 in Outside's rankings.

    Outside Magazine wrote back in August: "Chesapeake has the largest corporate mentoring program in Oklahoma. Now starting its 19th year, mentors meet weekly one-on-one with more than 500 students to help with homework and serve as positive role models."

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    Stocks End Higher After Unsteady Trading

    iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Stocks took a roller-coaster ride Tuesday. Despite big gains after the opening bell, the markets were in a free fall by mid-session. Stocks advanced again by the close.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 89 points at 16,262.56. The Nasdaq Composite rose 11 points to end at 4,034.16. The S&P 500 added 12 to end at 1,842.98.

    More U.S. companies are turning in their latest financial results. Strong sales of non-carbonated drinks pushed Coca-Cola's latest numbers up, and Johnson & Johnson rose 2 percent on higher profits. Homebuilders, however, fell following a survey showing weak sentiment among builders.  Earnings from Apple, Yahoo and Netflix were short of expectations.

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    "Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Cody Simpson Voted Off

    ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) -- Pop singer Cody Simpson and pro partner Witney Carson were voted off ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Monday night during a show that featured the couples performing routines set to songs from hit Disney films. Disney is the parent company of ABC.

    “This has been a very new experience -- an amazing experience -- and obviously it’s tough, but it is what it is,” Simpson said after learning his fate.

    The evening also featured the first perfect score of the season: James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd earned perfect “10s” from all four judges.

    Donny Osmond, who won season nine of Dancing with the Stars, joined Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba at the judges’ table.

    Each week, the couple with the lowest combined total of judges’ scores and viewer votes from the previous week’s performance is generally voted off. Since no one was voted off on the past two shows -- Billy Dee Williams withdrew from the competition on April 1 and no one was eliminated during last Monday’s partner switch-up -- those two weeks’ worth of judges’ scores and viewer votes were combined to determine Monday night’s elimination.

    Here’s a rundown of Monday’s performances:

    Drew Carey: The Price Is Right host and partner Cheryl Burke danced a quickstep to “Friend Like Me” from the film, Aladdin. After describing Carey’s routine as “zip-a-dee-doo-dah,” Goodman elaborated: “The performance had plenty of zip; the technique was very, very doo-dah, I’m afraid.” Osmond told Carey his arm movement needed more control, and Tonioli said Carey’s technique suffered. “The quickstep requires a very, very precise, clean delivery. You’ll do better next week,” he said. Inaba cautioned Carey about the “very strange face” he made when he lost focus. Carey earned four sevens for a total of 28 points out of a possible 40.

    James Maslow: The actor and singer performed a contemporary routine to the hit song “Let It Go” from the film, Frozen. Tonioli called the routine a “contemporary blockbuster,” while Inaba said she cried throughout the entire performance: “What I saw here was absolute artistry...I did not expect this from you. Congratulations.” Goodman said the routine would “melt the coldest heart, even mine.” Osmond praised the choreography by Maslow’s pro partner, Peta Murgatroyd. “I was just blown away by the whole performance,” he said. Maslow earned four 10s for total of 40 points -- the first perfect score of the season.

    Charlie White: Despite a momentary dance floor fumble of his prop cane, the Olympian and pro partner Sharna Burgess’s rousing jazz routine, set to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the film Mary Poppins, earned praise from the judges. Osmond called it “an amazing performance,” and Tonioli agreed, but lamented that White dropped the cane: “What a shame, because it was almost it again!” Inaba likened White to “a wave of happiness...except for the cane, fantastic. Stupendous,” she said, while Goodman also heaped praise, calling the routine “eye-popping, show-stopping and jaw-dropping.” He added: “I’m not bothered about the cane, no I’m not, because I thought you came out and just wowed this place.” White earned three nines -- and a 10 from Goodman -– for a total of 37 points.

    Danica McKellar: The former Wonder Years actress and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, performed a quickstep set to “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. The performance included an animated cameo from the film’s character, Gaston, and earned McKellar raves from the judging panel. McKellar even got a hug from a beaming Inaba, who said watching the pair was like watching the film come to life. Tonioli called the routine a “delicious, tasty feast,” adding that McKellar’s improvement was “incredible.” Goodman pointed out some lost body contact, but added that the routine had control and flair, and he called McKellar “a fantastic dancer.” Pointing out that he played Gaston on the Broadway production of the show, Osmond said “both you guys knocked it out of the park. I loved it.” McKellar earned three 10s and a nine, for a total of 39 points.

    Amy Purdy: The paralympian snowboarder had expressed frustration about whether she could maintain the smooth technique of the waltz with her prosthetic legs, but her airy performance -- set to “So This is Love” from the film, Cinderella -- earned her a standing ovation from the ballroom audience. Inaba acknowledged that Purdy couldn’t create the rise and fall required by the style of dance, but said that, due to Purdy’s unique circumstance, she couldn’t deduct a point. Goodman said he would have liked more hold, but said the routine was beautiful. Osmond said Purdy was an inspiration and called her “a serious contender in this competition,” while Tonioli told Purdy he loved the performance. Purdy teared up when the judges revealed she and partner Derek Hough had earned three nines and a 10 for a total of 37.

    Cody Simpson:
    The pop singer’s samba to “I Can’t Wait to Be King” from The Lion King brought mixed reviews from the judges. Osmond said it didn’t seem as though Simpson was enjoying himself. Goodman said he liked the energy and “party feeling” of the samba, but said Simpson needed to work on his technique a bit. Tonioli said Simpson had “incredible energy, incredible timing,” but added that he could have done a bit more samba bounce, while Inaba said she “felt the power of Cody” Monday night. Simpson and partner Witney Carson earned two eights and two nines for a total of 34 points.

    NeNe Leakes: Despite experiencing some rehearsal tension stemming from last week’s partner switch, the reality TV star and pro partner Tony Dovolani danced a foxtrot to music from the film, 101 Dalmatians. Osmond said Leakes “owned” the dance floor, while Tonioli said she played the evil Cruella De Vil perfectly. “It was incorporated so well into the choreography and it suited your personality,” he said. Added Inaba: “Cruella De Vil ain’t got nothing on you.” Goodman, referring to the tension between Leakes and Dovolani, said, “Sometimes you think you want a divorce then you realize the folly of your ways and I tell you, you two are a match made in dance heaven.” A visibly emotional Leakes earned four nines, for a total of 36 points.

    Meryl Davis: The Olympic ice dancer and partner Maks Chmerkovskiy performed a comedic samba routine set to music from The Jungle Book. Inaba said the two dancers had a special partnership, adding that Davis’s technique was “just fabulous.” Goodman said the routine was “great entertainment and terrific,” while Osmond said it was “thoroughly entertaining.” Tonioli agreed, calling it “a wonderful, wonderful dance.” Davis earned four nines for a total of 36 points.

    Candace Cameron Bure: Dancing a samba set to “Under the Sea” from the film, The Little Mermaid, Bure and partner Mark Ballas earned praise from all four judges. Goodman said the routine had fun and joy, while Osmond said Bure had promise. Tonioli said Bure had heeded the judges’ previous advice. “I really like what I saw...,” he said. Inaba said Bure was one of her “favorite movers on this season,” but noted that every once in a while the actress experiences an attack of nerves that affects her performance. Bure earned three nines and an eight for a total of 35 points.

    Here a rundown of the judges’ scores:

    • James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd: 40/40
    • Danica McKellar and Valentin Chmerkovskiy: 39/40
    • Amy Purdy and Derek Hough: 37/40
    • Charlie White and Sharna Burgess: 37/40
    • NeNe Leakes and Tony Dovolani: 36/40
    • Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 36/40
    • Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas: 35/40
    • Cody Simpson and Witney Carson: 34/40
    • Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke: 28/40

    Dancing with the Stars returns next Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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    "Mad Men" Season Premiere Disappoints in Ratings

    Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC(NEW YORK) -- Mad Men's final season is not off to a good start in the ratings.

    The first airing of the AMC drama's seventh-season premiere on Sunday night was seen by 2.3 million viewers, according to That's the lowest total for a Mad Men season premiere since 2008, when the second season began with 2.06 million viewers.

    The first episode of season six debuted last year to 3.4 million viewers, while the season finale drew 2.7 million.

    The first half of Mad Men's final season is airing this spring, while the second half will be televised in 2015.

    The return of Mad Men was overshadowed somewhat by a couple of other cable programs that aired Sunday night. The debut of the latest episode of HBO's Game of Thrones was seen by 6.3 million viewers, reports. The fantasy drama's season premiere the previous week attracted 6.6 million.

    Also on Sunday night, MTV aired its movie awards show, hosted by Conan O'Brien. Ratings for that broadcast were not available as of Monday evening.

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    Former WWE Star The Ultimate Warrior Died of Heart Disease

    The Denver Post via Getty Images(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) -- Former WWE star The Ultimate Warrior died last week of heart disease, according to a spokesperson for Maricopa County, Arizona.

    The spokesperson said an autopsy was conducted last Thursday. The manner of death was listed as "natural."

    The Ultimate Warrior, whose birth name was James Hellwig but who legally changed his name to Warrior, collapsed outside of a Scottsdale, Ariz., hotel last Tuesday. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. He was 54.

    The Ultimate Warrior was one of WWE's biggest stars in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His death came just three days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and one day after making an appearance on WWE's Monday Night Raw TV show, which aired from New Orleans.

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    Will Penelope Cruz Be the Next Bond Girl?

    Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Will Penelope Cruz follow in the footsteps of her husband, Javier Bardem, and star in a James Bond movie opposite Daniel Craig?

    Britain's The Sun reports Cruz is a candidate to play the new Bond girl, citing a leaked document from the movie's studio, Sony.

    The newspaper's source says, "Bond bosses have been chasing her since Daniel became 007 in 2006. But schedules and her pregnancies meant it never materialized. At this stage no one at Sony will confirm it."

    Bardem played the villain in the most recent Bond film, 2012's Skyfall. 12 Years a Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is rumored to be in the running to play the bad guy in the next 007 flick, which is scheduled to open in November of 2015. Craig will return as Bond.

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    Brad Pitt to Portray Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Movie?

    ABC/Rick Rowell(LOS ANGELES) -- Brad Pitt may play legendary former U.S. Army general Gen. Stanley McChrystal in a movie based on the late Michael Hastings book The Operators, according to Deadline.

    McChrystal was once the commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, who was forced out after he was critical of members of the Obama administration's handling of the war there in a Rolling Stone article Hastings wrote. Incidentally, Hastings was killed when his Mercedes exploded in Los Angeles in June of 2013.

    Many of his friends and associates are convinced -- as he was before his death -- that Hastings was being targeted for trying to expose CIA and National Security Agency spying on journalists and other Americans. Officially, his death was listed as an accident.

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