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America in the Morning - Jim Bohannon
Weekdays 5am-6am

At 5am, Jim Bohannon hosts an hour of interviews, world and national news, plus sports on AMERICA IN THE MORNING.

The Breakfast Flakes
Weekdays 7am-8am

It's an hour of fun & information, trivia, along with the day planner, news and sports headlines.

You'll never start your day taking yourself too seriously when you set your alarm to catch FOX NEWS at 7, immediately followed by Alan and Andy - "the Flakes".


KGFW's Morning News with Andrew Mihm
Weekdays 8am-9am

The KGFW Morning News features a full compliment of news, weather, sports and market information from 8 to 9. 


Talk of the Town
Weekdays 9am-11am

Mid-Nebraska's longest-running and ever-popular radio broadcast. Our live and local two hours of news and views will look at a range of topics from right in your own neighborhood to across the nation, all from the Nebraska perspective. Join Steve Altmaier and Andrew Mihm weekdays starting at 9.

The Rush Limbaugh Show
Weekdays 11am-2pm

Weekdays from 11am to 2pm KGFW listeners share a relentless pursuit of the truth with "America's Anchorman"


 Sean Hannity Show

Weekdays 2pm to 5pm


Dave Ramsey
Weekdays 5-6p and Online from 5p to 9pm

Financial advice for the modern world with Dave Ramsey.

KGFW Evening Report with Steve Altmaier
Weekdays 5:00pm
Evening Report - Sports with Dave Jenner
Weekdays 5:15pm

Sports Nightly
Weekdays 6pm-9pm

Greg Sharp hosts SPORTS NIGHTLY, your KGFW is mid-Nebraska's official full-service Husker Sports Network affiliate, and KGFW spotlights University of Nebraska athletics on SPORTS NIGHTLY.


Mark Levin
Weekdays 9pm-Midnight

One of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers, Mark Levin is a contributing editor to National Review Online and served as a top advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Everyday Midnight-5am

Late nights, catch thought-provoking interviews and open phones with George Noory, weekend hosts Ian Punnet and the legendary Art Bell on COAST TO COAST AM.

Fox News Radio

Through the day, you are never far away from an update on news, information, and weather with KGFW and Fox headline updates at 10:30, Noon and 3:30pm.



KGFW Sports presentations brings you High School and University play-by-play. The weekend also features Glen Beck Weekend edition, Rush's Week in Review and The Weekend.

Sports Chatter
Saturdays's at 8:15am
KGFW Sports Director Dave Jenner takes you around the world of sports including insight and interviews with coaches and athletes.


Bobby Likis Car Clinic
Saturday's at 9am



Traditional trip through musical memories

Sundays 6am-11am

KGFW - Mid Nebraska's News, Talk, Sport and Entertainment


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