City Council update, four new officers

City Council update, four new officers

Kearney, Neb (KGFW) – City Council meetings are seldom thought of as a night to remember. But for 4 men that’s exactly what last night was.

For the second time since I have been here to Kearney, I had the pleasure of watching four new officers be sworn into the Kearney Police Force.

Congratulations go out to Paul Cox, Jason Garrels, Jordan Hawkins and Zachary Schwarz for their commitment to service and their inclusion on the force.

The rest of the evening went smoothly and fairly routine. In an update from the previous city council meeting, the developer has withdrawn the application to rezone the area north of 39th street and east of 11th after hearing concerns from the council and residents about additional traffic through multiple residential areas.

The Kearney Volunteer fire department will receive $425,000 from the city in order to purchase new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus’. The money will buy 72 new units, 43 of which will go the City and 29 will be for suburban use.

This purchase comes as technologies have advanced to the point where finding replacement parts for the current units is not fiscally prudent.

Finally, a change in penalties happened as well last night. The fine for the first offense DUI persons who are granted probation has increased to $500 to bring the City of Kearney more in line with Nebraska statutes.