Scam Alert Notice from Buffalo County Sheriff’s and Kearney Police Departments

Scam Alert Notice from Buffalo County Sheriff’s and Kearney Police Departments

The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office and Kearney Police Department would like to warn local area residents to beware of a telephone arrest warrant scam that is occurring in our area.  This scam has been around for some time and additional information on this and other scams can be found on various legitimate government and news media internet sites.

While there may be various versions of the telephone arrest warrant scam, the purpose is to illegally scam and solicit money from the unsuspecting victims.  The scam is usually perpetrated with a telephone call to an unsuspecting victim.  The caller will identify themselves as a local, state or federal law enforcement official.

At times they may even use the name of a local law enforcement agency and/or local law enforcement officer.  The calls may also be left on telephone answering machines or voice mailboxes.

Scam callers often have the ability to “spoof” the caller ID number that displays on your phone.  Those phone numbers may appear to be those of legitimate law enforcement agencies but are not.  Scammers may also take steps to alter or synthesize a voice.

The caller will inform the victim that they have an open or active arrest warrant or bench warrant for their arrest.  They may say the arrest warrant is for various offences including a bench warrant failing to show up for jury duty.

They may further inform the person that in order to satisfy the warrant or have the warrant withdrawn in lieu of arrest, that a monetary payment must be made by some sort of money gram or pre-paid financial device such as  Green Dot card.

Further, they may tell the victim to stay on the phone during the duration of the phone call and not hang up.  This may include telling the victim to stay on the phone and not hand up event when they are purchasing the pre-paid card in a store.

Citizens should be warned that should they receive calls of this nature, they are in all likelihood a scam.  Legitimate Law Enforcement agencies and officers do not operate in this manner for serving arrest warrants.  These illegal scammers often times may that the technology to have a false caller ID appear which appears to be coming from a local number or area code.

Persons who receive a telephone call of a suspected telephone arrest warrant scam or any other type of scam are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency.  Citizens may also report this or any other suspected type of scams by accessing the Nebraska State Attorney General’s Office website under their Consumer Protection Division.