Buffalo County Democrats call for civil discourse

Buffalo County Democrats call for civil discourse

KEARNEY, Neb. – The following is a press release from the Buffalo County Democrats.

Buffalo County Democrats strongly denounce all acts of violence, aggression, and divisive rhetoric and political commentary. We urge all politicians, commentators, and media outlets to return to civil discourse based on ideas, policies, and principles.

We decry personal attacks, racial, ethnic, and religious profiling, stereotyping, and using innuendos. We reaffirm our commitment to treating all people with respect and dignity, especially those who may disagree with us.

The recent events in Pittsburgh, Florida, and at the UNK campus are upsetting because of their perpetrator’s antipathy to the American ideals of equality and freedom of expression and religion.

We encourage debate and discussion on all topics, aware that at times we may have to agree to disagree as these debates are essential to democracy.

When people are afraid to have these discussions because of a fear of personal attack or reprisal, Democracy dies.