COVID Update: CDHD pulls back vaccine plans

COVID Update: CDHD pulls back vaccine plans

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KGFW/AP) – Nebraska has now received and distributed more than 145,000 doses of Coronavirus vaccine. Just over 71,000 first doses and about 12,200 second doses have been administered. Just under 1% of the state population 16 and up have completed vaccination.

The Central District Health Dept. was planning to offer vaccines to people 90 and up this week and had asked those 75 and older to go ahead and sign up. However, the Grand Island Independent reports shortage of vaccines has delayed those plans.

457 current patients and 1,000 new coronavirus cases were reported on Nebraska’s Dashboard yesterday. Overall, hospitals are 69% full. COVID patients account for 11.2%. 1,791 have now died.

Over 40% of Nebraska’s health care workers receive vaccine

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — More than 40% of Nebraska’s 90,000 health care workers have received the first of two doses of the coronavirus vaccine as the state is ramping up distribution. State health officials said 78,074 of the 144,363 doses Nebraska has received so far have been administered so far. They primarily gone to health care workers. Residents and workers at long-term care facilities have also begun getting vaccines. About 10,000 people in the state have received both doses of the vaccine. Gov. Pete Ricketts says health officials are still working through first-tier recipients. Some areas of the state have started vaccinating the next high-priority group, people who are at least 75 years old.